Richard Castellini, VP at CareerBuilder.com said “Hiring Managers often spend less than one minute reviewing a candidate’s resume.” I have heard from some recruiters they spend as little as 6 seconds per resume! So – make your resume GET NOTICED:

Put your job title in ALL-CAPS and BOLD. It’s the job title that’s important; more so than WHERE you worked (company name).

Remove “month” out of your dates; just use the years. Using months can tend to look like “clutter.”  Remove the period (“.”) from the end of bulleted lines; they are not really sentences.

Remove the period (“.”) from the end of bulleted lines; they are not really sentences.

Overall, you want to do much more than just list your job duties. You want to show how you did something SPECIAL, that someone else in that same role, would not, or could not do. Did you SAVE the department money, or time, or personnel, etc.? Did you create a report that provided better information in a timelier manner, etc.? If so, ensure they STAND OUT in your “accomplishments” list.


You need a resume that gets results, and I can help you! As a Human Resources professional, and Adjunct Professor, I have helped hundreds of people develop winning resumes. Send me your 1st draft; I will provide a FREE review to help improve your One True Marketing Tool, and make your resume the One That Gets Noticed!

For a free review, email LetMeReviewYourResume@gmail.com


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